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Buy Promethazine with Codeine Oral Solution online. It is an antihistamine syrup used allergic symptoms from pollen, dust or mold such as water eyes and nostrils. This medication can be used in combination with other medications or substances to relieve severe allergic situations such as allergic skin reaction, allergic reaction to blood or plasma products. Also, it is especially useful for cough, sneezing, runny nose all as a result of common cold. It also reduces vomiting and nausea that may be experienced after surgery. It should be particularly noted that this medication helps relieve symptoms but not treat the cause or speed up recovery in anyway.

Promethazine syrup has gained good grounds in the market for its profound efficiency and is highly recommended by medical doctors.

In a nutshell, Promethazine with codeine syrup is indicated for the temporary relief of coughs and upper respiratory tract symptoms related to allergies or the common cold.

Buy Lean online

Quick facts about lean

What is lean? Lean is a combination of Promethazine with codeine oral solution and Soda, Gin, Vodka or Candies.

What does lean do? Lean can make a person feel euphotic, relaxed drowsy or almost detached from the body.

What does lean do to you? Click here to know more about lean. 

Other Names and Street Names

Brand names

Promethazine sells under the following brand names which we all have available in stock.

Phenegran and Phenadoz.


Other Names
  •  Purple drank
  • Lean
  • Syrup
  • Sizzurp
  • purp

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where can i buy lean online
Buy Lean online
where can i buy lean online
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For privacy reason we can’t afford to disclose our source but we always ensure the best quality product for our clients. Our clients are top priority to us. We sell completely sealed products and in its most authentic state. Order lean online now and have the best experience. 

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How to achieve the best purple drank solution

Purple drank solution is best gotten by the combination of the prescription cough relief syrup 

Promethazine with Codeine typically mixed with soda like 7-up, crush or sprite or with alcohol 

like gin or vodka. This leaves the drink in a Pink-purple color.

Purple drank store

How we Package and Ship

Our customer services are so high and aware of the difficulties involved in shipping and delivering Promethazine with Codeine syrup within and out of the United States of America. This has led us to consider our clients information and general safety at every level. Thus, we seal our unit products (bottle(s)) in vacuum sealed sack to prevent any form of spillage that may occur in the course of transportation.

Our cartons for our high end customers who always buy in bulk the can testify that our cartons are always well sealed and discreet. Our years of experience have permitted us to evolve over major security majors put in place to obstruct the safe and secure movement of our shipments. Be rest assured that all our packages, have always made way to their final destinations.


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